Safe Drive Vehicle Tracking (pvt) Ltd

Safe Drive is a fastest growing GPS/Satellite Company based on vehicle tracking. Due to outstanding services, it has become the market leader of fleet tracking industry in Pakistan which provides a variety of GPS tracking solutions. Wonderful services are being provided to secure your vehicles, kids, pets and other products.

Company is equipped with more recent and incredible technology that works at very high frequency and persists to work in any unusual situation. Usually burglar uses GPS/GSM signal jammers to steal the vehicles but this technology continues its work even in the presence of those jammers.

Company provides the best user friendly applications to its clients so they could perceptibly view and manage their vehicles. The domain of a good GPS Fleet management application is vast which comprises of many functions. It does not only guide the manager regarding the location of their vehicles or products but facilitates them in many other ways as well. For instance, it has specific tools, data or facts and figures which guide you towards better decision making. It also helps in improving the performance and cost of fleet

Safe Drive has expand its network countrywide and now covering all cities nationwide.

Product Features

A tracker installed in your vehicle provides visibility and control over your vehicle.

  • Live Tracking
  • Engine Kill / Release.
  • Vehicle Immobilization
  • Battery Tampering
  • Fuel Gauge
  • SOS Emergency Button / Panic Button
  • Geographical Fencing
  • Speed Monitoring
  • Ignition on alerts
  • Door lock/unlock alerts